Structure complex ideas and create impactful presentations in record times

For data analysts, managers or executive roles

This collection makes it easy to create stunning and memorableΒ presentations which will leave no one indifferent

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You will find all kinds of designs for every message depending on your needs.

If you need to write a business report, update a team, complete a consulting assignment, or develop an investor pitch deck, this collection is for you.

It contains a series of business charts that are gathered from real-life situations. Say goodbye to presentations which are too long, too dull, too full of useless detail or too generic. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Say goodbye to presentations which are too long, too dull and full of useless detail.

It’s as easy as it sounds.

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Who's this collection for?

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If you have a basic grasp of using Power Point, but are looking to add a layer of depth to your knowledge


If you need to write a senior executive presentation and are struggling to collect your thoughts


If you are looking for tips, tools and resources to create your documents faster and make them look better

Modular designs

Get exclusive slides with infinite possibilities.

This collection contains the best real-life cases of consultancy firms, combine them to create your own designs.

It is designed to set the stage for an impressive presentation with which you will communicate ideas and results in an understandable and compelling way.

Present your story. Your way.

The presentations are how we present ourselves and our work to the world, they are the culmination of our analysis and our thinking. They are our value-add.

If you want to create influential and attractive documents, you will need understand the power of logical structure and the art of storytelling.

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What people think about MasterSlide

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"MasterSlide helps me to organize ideas and make a decision about the type of slides I need."


- Max A.

"With MasterSlide designs I create my presentations and documents much faster."


- Helena M.

"It has lots of useful resources to take the inspiration from and create my own designs."


- Carlos J.

Slide collection

MasterSlide - Strategy and Data Analytics

Easy to use:

- Modify the size and colour of the icons (SVG)
- Customize shapes, texts and charts
- Modular designs, combine to create new slides

What is included:

- Over +45 exclusive slide designs and +200 icons
- Three categories aimed at different layers of organization: analysts, managers, executive
- Customisation manual

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